Trimwork Makeover::: Part 1


I will be doing a series of posts wrapped around the trimwork transformation taking place at our home these next couple of weeks. We built our home about a year ago, but did not get much done as far as trim... or paint. I just couldn't stand the blank white (antique white) walls EVERYWHERE. Plus, none of our doorways and windows were cased out. A lot of builder's are doing this to save $$, but there is nothing like trimwork to finish off a home and give it a custom look. So I convinced the hubs to undergo this project with me. I thought about doing it myself, but a number of factors led us to hiring a pro...and I'm glad we did because I'm learning a lot! Enough to take on trim in other areas of the home :)

Here are a series of project progress pictures (say that five times fast!), we'll just call it "before and after part 1" (click on any picture to enlarge):

This space was just begging for a window seat!
The hubs painting (I helped too)
Our supervisor
Making sure we paint inside the lines

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  1. Beautiful! You have inspired me. We have a bid in on a short sale builder house- big and budget friendly, but completely lacking in personality. This will help a lot.

    PS- where are the other parts to the series? ;)

  2. Looks great!

    What materials are you using for the wainscoting on the walls?

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