Est. Name Subway Art


The Culen's Established 2008

I found this little project on another blog here: Under the Table and DreamingUse this photostream (Leo Reynold's PhotoStream ) to find the letters and arrange them in a collage generator or photoshop software. Then print and frame.

Other ideas for this project:
A baby's name with D.O.B.
Words (Live/Laugh/Love/Faith/Dream/Celebrate)
Short quotes or phrases (Carpe Diem/Home Sweet Home/To Live To Love/Dream Big)
Holiday (Harvest/Give Thanks/Noel/Peace/Joy)
Make as a gift for someone
Invitation or announcements

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  1. I love this more than I can say, I am bookmarking it. I must make one. :)

  2. How do you copy/save the images on the photostream account? I right click & it says that you have limited rights, but copying is one of them...I can't get it to copy & save. Help! Want to do this for a wedding gift next weekend.

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