Illuminated Love Sign


As promised, I'm sharing a tutorial on the glowing laser cut sign over our bed. I found a great etsy shop called Kolorize that makes amazing, customizable wood signs. You can choose your words, font, sizes, paints and stains-- or get it plain and finish it yourself. You can even choose the thickness of the wood!

I wanted something a little whimsy and fun to finish off the bedroom decor so I ordered this sign. They were nice enough to send me three font samples in the word I chose so I had a clear cut idea of how it would look. Their customer service was excellent and I will definitely use them again for future projects!

I was after a 3D effect for the sign. I didn't want to hang it flat against the wall. SO one day I was browsing Amazon, like I often do, and found these battery operated fairy LED lights. LIGHTBULB! I immediately thought of the sign that was being made and how it would be fun to light it up!

When the sign arrived and my lights... The only thing I could find was neon pink duct tape :) So that it was I used to secure the two pack of lights around the letters. Then some command tape to hold the battery packs.

In order to give it a raised effect, I stole three wooden blocks from the kids! And no, they aren't going to miss them! These were my resources, so I went with it!

 I used Command tape to attach the blocks to the sign and then command damage free hanging strips to attach the blocks to the wall. This way I can take it down to replace the batteries when the time comes.

This is an easy project that any beginner can tackle. You can't see the pink tape. Not even from the sides. The sign was the most expensive item, everything else was under $20.

Here is a quick video of the process, which I meant to make WITHOUT music. My apologies for the awful elevator tune... BUT you can see how cool the sign looks all lit up! It's remote operated and has eight different settings to choose from!

Shop this project here:

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