Instagram Collage


Congrats to Stephanie Paul for winning
Instagram is a tremendously popular photo app. I've captured some fun pics of my daughter using Instagram and wanted to display them. Using Pic Monkey, it was really easy and inexpensive.
(Yes, that is an Instagram of my Instagram Collage)

  1. Upload photos from smart phone to your computer (or use iCloud)
  2. Go to and click create collage (I did an 8x8 print using 25 instagram photos)
  3. Save and order a print online (I used Costco because they do 8x8. It cost $1.49)
Tips: Try this with an 8x10 print because it's tough to find square frames. You could also do theme, Halloween, harvest/fall, Christmas, a series of vacation photos, pets, etc.

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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Cool idea. How do you come up with this stuff? Can you make me one? You have a typo above 'daughter'. Just sayin.

  2. Sure, I can make you one, sis. Thanks for the spell check reminder!