DIY Monogrammed Lucite {Acrylic} Tray



  1. Lucite or Acrylic clear tray in your choice of size
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Foam Brush
  4. Paper, paper cutter, printer
Note: I purchased my tray on Amazon for $44. It is 12" wide x 20" long. CB2 also sells a square one for $40. You could purchase one already made from $70-$150 depending on the size.

  • Create your monogram (I used Pic Monkey, free!)
  • Print it out, glue and arrange your paper according to the size of your tray using paper cutter

  • Apply Mod Podge on bottom of tray, press paper face down, push and smooth out air bubbles, apply  Mod Podge to bottom of paper, push and smooth as it dries

Disclaimer: Do not use high gloss Mod Podge or it will only look good in low lighting. Also, I would like to try this project by making a folder on the back to use interchangeable designs.

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