Up-Cycled Wristlet Using Feather Boa


Project Cost: $3.00
  1. Marabou Feather Boa ($4.99 at JoAnn Fabric. I used a coupon!)
  2. Wristlet/clutch (Up-cycle one like I did or find them cheap at Target or Wal-Mart)
  3. Needle/Thread

How To:
  1. Wrap the boa horizontally starting at the top
  2. Stitch as you wrap at sides and middle
Tip: Do not cut the boa, as it could unravel. Use all six feet. I tucked the tail (probably 6 inches or so) up under the horizontal rows to conceal it.

 :) Easy and inexpensive. I love accessories!
Tip: If you want to re-purpose the boa or just want the old clutch back, simply cut the stitches and you're good to go!

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