Focal Point Furniture


Cost of project = $30

This piece was purchased for my master closet makeover (post soon to follow). I wanted a neat focal point for the space without spending lots. I spotted this for $20 at the thrift store. SOLD! The door panels are exquisite! Although I scrubbed it inside and out, I don't think I will store clothes in it. Probably just costume jewelry, off season shoes and other trinkets that cluttered my closet.

The before again:

I chose cool blues and greys for the closet. Lowes offers a new brand 'My Color: Inspired by Pantone' of already mixed paints. It is low odor, low VOC, and costs about $10. The paint is ideal for furniture as the primer is already built in. Color = 'Griffin'.

Give the piece a light sanding and paint using a fine bristled brush. I used a cabinet roller for the top and sides. Two coats was perfect. I even have some leftover.

Here is a preview of the finished closet! CLICK HERE to view post.

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  1. LOVE the makeover you did on this piece of furniture! Beautiful!