A Life Update + Photos with Sarah Escher


When Sarah Escher reached out to me for an opportunity to collaborate on family pictures I was excited because we both shared a similar vision-- a country setting at almost sunset with the fall leaves surrounding us.

The surreal thing about these pictures is that they're taken on a piece of property we purchased in the middle of town to build our forever home. Essentially, these are our first memories here and for that I will cherish these photos!

On the land there is an old barn with all of the original barn wood and beams intact. My initial thoughts are to take some of these rustic elements to put it our new home. I love the idea of having a piece of history and combining the old with new.

Sarah did a great job capturing the landscape! The kids were such a challenge during the shoot. You never know how they're going to cooperate. We took the photos after school on a rare 70 degree day in fall. All in all she captured some perfect moments of the kids just being kids! However silly and goofy they act, those candid captures often times end up being my favorites!

 We are a long ways away from breaking ground, but I love how these will be the 'before' to our someday 'after' photos!

To get in touch with Sarah, visit her website or instagram!

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