Family Photos 2018


For this year's photos I wanted to go more dressy than our typically casual looks. My photographer, Carly (Carly Landolt Photography) suggested we shoot at the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge Park to bring in a structural element, yet keep the outdoors feel I love, especially during the fall season. 

I honestly could not be happier with how her photos turned out! Carly absolutely nailed it and was able to capture my kid's personalities so well! Seeing these pictures brought tears to my eyes because it's such a stark realization at how time flies. It all of the sudden hit me and I'm left with SO many emotions! I know I will treasure these photos for years to come! My youngest son looks so grown up... I could hardly take it! 

Cashton : Age 3

Chloe : Age 7

Cooper : Age 5

The photo above is probably my favorite out of the whole set. Such an effortless feel to it, yet if you've ever met Chloe, you know this pose is so HER-- always dramatic! The kids are all wearing looks from Amazon and everything will be linked at the end of the post.

I love how the green tones look with the landscape and the grey stone on the chapel. It's such different feel than any pictures we've done before!

And of course... It wouldn't be OUR family photos without a tribute to the Redskins :) We've been doing this every year since Cash was a baby. He was pretty excited about this year, as seen in the picture!

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