Microblading: Behind the Scenes with Naomi Sinead Beauty


Before and Immediately After Procedure

Have you ever thought perfectly sculpted brows were out of your reach? Are you tired of penciling your brows to achieve desired shape and definition? If so, then let this post is for you! Let me introduce you to a technique called microblading! 

I had been hearing more and more buzz about this new beauty trend and have slowly been researching it myself to see if it was a good fit. I love a well defined a brow and almost never leave my house without adding some definition to my own set of brows. 

I met Naomi Sinead via Instagram and was immediately drawn to her attention to detail. Her extensive mapping process was so thorough, any apprehension I had about moving forward with this service slowly melted away as I browsed her portfolio on social media.  

There are so many ways to update or improve your brows with gels, pencils, tinting, etc., but if you're searching for a more permanent approach, microblading is for you! My brows are sparse on the ends, which is why I fill them in-- to balance them out. Microblading essentially deposits pigment into your skin that resembles tiny hair strokes. It is semi-permanent and will need touching up every 15 months to two years, however individual results vary. 

When I met with Naomi, she went over everything in detail and made me feel completely comfortable. We talked about shape, thickness and color. The majority of my appointment was spent planning and prepping to ensure the result was exactly what I wanted!

Naomi is truly passionate about her work and it shows! As a busy mom, I love that she was able to accomodate me by doing the procedure in the comfort of my home. She works with numerous salons and spas in the greater Philadelphia area, including suburbs as far as Lancaster, but will also give you a private appointment at your residence! She supplied everything and created a completely sterile work environment.

I love the result and it has only been two days! I'm excited to see how they heal and progress! Expect to having a healing time of about two weeks where you will need to be gentle and avoid touching them. The strokes will soften and appear lighter as they heal. After about six weeks you will then have a touch up appointment to make sure everything is perfect! 

It is important to hire a professional who is trained and licensed to perform this procedure. Naomi is fully licensed, insured and OSHA trained. She has been doing brows for over two years, with over 200 sets of brows on her resume! 

To schedule a consultation or appointment, contact Naomi via Instagram:

*I will update this post with more photos after my six week appointment. Please check back in for the final result*

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