Stylish Kids Accessories with Grant + Giada


My kids love a good mail day just as much as I do! So when Grant + Giada approached me about trying out their kids accessory boxes-- of course I said YES!

(This post is sponsored by Grant + Giada, however all opinions featured here are my own). 

To provide a little background on the company, Grant + Giada is a monthly subscription box for fashionable children's accessories for boys and girls between the ages of 5 - 10. Each box includes 4-5 pieces monthly, PLUS a gift for mom! This alone has me sold!

When I told my kids they each had a special box to open, both of them went a little crazy with excitement! This got me thinking... monthly boxes like this would be a great motivator and reward for jobs well done! So next time they can finish their vegetables before opening :)

I love keeping the kiddos fresh and fashion forward, but don't always have time to think about the accessories! Having a company like Grant + Giada search the globe for the most fashion-forward, modern pieces is one less thing I have to do and it's fun for the kids too! 

Another thing to mention, Grant + Giada often uses products from small shops AND donates 10% of all sales to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Goodies in the boy box:

Goodies in the girl box:

If you have a boy, you know it's hard to find good accessories. The picks in the boy box were all great and I loved seeing him try them out! This is his first belt and pocket square :) How cute is that!?

While there are a lot more options out there for girls, the sheer excitement on my daughter's face was enough for me to see this company has a bright future ahead! I'm certain your daughter will love it just as much as mine!

We all had a lot of fun with the boxes from Grant + Giada! The kids are definitely ready to take on spring! I believe 100%, when kids feel good about how they look, it gives them confidence-- and my two were feeling good in these accessories, for sure!!

Find Grant + Giada:

**Enter to win a FREE three month subscription HERE**

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