Spring Style: Pink + Green


Spring is almost here! I love the buzz of energy that goes along with the arrival of warm weather! People are outside, they are happier, spirits are high and color is everywhere! There is no better way to express spring in your wardrobe than adding pops of color! 

Green and pink are complimentary colors because they are opposites on the color wheel. These shades provide a vivid, energizing effect. 

When styling your spring looks, pay attention to the color wheel. To color block effectively choose colors that are along side each other for a harmonious look or across from each other for an energized look. 

Tie it all together with a clutch, statement earring or BOTH! The clutch featured here will go with many different outfits for spring and summer. I can use it as pictured to completed the look or pair it with a monochromatic outfit so it stands out.

My sweater is cozy and has the cutest ruffle details, BUT the best part? It's only $12!!! You really can't beat that for a look that will be awesome for spring! Or pair it with shorts on a cool summer evening. Shop this look with the links below.

Shop this look:

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