The Ultimate Men's Gift Guide


These are my top picks for all the men in your life! From holiday to birthday or father's day... all of these gifts will win them over! I've polled my husband and his friends for their most loved items and here's what we came up with:

With 10,000+ reviews, this candle is an absolute winner! It has a nice, manly smell with notes of alcohol, rich oak and smoked peat.
• Eco-friendly - 100% natural soy wax, made from US grown soy beans, as well as natural cotton wicks.
• Handmade - All candles are hand-poured and hand-labeled.
• Re-use - Jars are so gorgeous that you'll definitely want to repurpose them after your candle is gone! 
Maintain the temperature of cold drinks without diluting the flavor with a set of four marble and soapstone shapes that make for a sophisticated, personalized addition to any home bar. Keep the stones in your freezer for a couple of hours, then add them to your whiskey, scotch or bourbon and sip with pleasure without worrying about watering down the taste.

The PERFECT unique gift-- wooden crates stuffed with snacks, gadgets, gear and video games. They are sealed up tight and shipped with a crowbar. Have you ever opened a present with a crowbar? It's pretty awesome. I've gotten my husband a few of these and sent him a Jerky filled, authentic ammo tin while he was on a work trip. He's also gifted them to friends and colleagues-- and they are always a hit! This year they added a cement brick with a gift card inside! The box comes with safety glasses and a hammer to smash it open!  

Another unique gift, with a great story behind it! When we saw this company on Shark Tank, we were blown away! A former Navy Seal from Arizona created Bottle Breacher and he employs Active Duty service members, Reservists, and Veterans. Their staff used to use 50 caliber ammunition to defend our country down range, they now use them to provide the best Man Gifts, Groomsmen Gifts, and Promotional Products on the market. We love gifting these because they come personalized, well packaged and they're functional too!

In consulting my husband's buddies, one of them suggested a belt in something other than your traditional black or brown. Go for another material, canvas, or another color-- gray, blue, red or a pattern.

This is a great gift for guys who exercise or take conference calls and want a hands-free option. My husband uses these just about every single day.

These watches look great and are priced well. They can be paired with jeans or business casual. Remember to use code 'PENNYPARLOR' for 15% off your order at 

You really can't go wrong with a bottle of cologne. Try a classic scent like Armani's Acqua Di Gio for a stocking stuffer or gift.

Another suggestion I received was a motivational or success book for men. I found 'Backbone: The Modern Man's Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion and Power' well reviewed on Amazon, so I added it to my list. 

My husband lives in these sweats! He owns a few pairs now and literally wears them every weekend while watching football. They have favorable reviews online and a lot of his buddies have them and love them too!

This is an item we don't have, but should! The caddy come with a rustic opener and is personalized. The personalization is designed by a graphic artist and hand painted on with durable oil-based flat black paint. The tote holds 6 - 12oz bottles of beer and you can choose to have permanent wood dividers or a removable ice pack divider to hold your bottles in place. 

This is one of those gifts that could be a gag, but it's actually a genius idea! IllumiBowl is a motion activated night light for your toilet. This is one product that actually helps me out with cleaning, but solves a problem for my husband and kids who always have to go in the middle of the night! Why I love it...

  • Fits any toilet
  • Sets to color-rotate or single-color (8 color options)
  • Motion-activated
  • Splash proof

We all know the joke about the George Costanza wallet and truth be told, men really do like a tidy wallet with a few cards and not much more. I've picked one under $100 by Ted Baker and another under $200 by Burberry. 

A reliable source tells me old school razors are making a come back and men want to try this trend! The Art of Shaving offers great razors and this kit would make the perfect gift!

This is the perfect combo gift for your grill master and sports fanatic! Grilling with your favorite team is sure to be a hit!

One of the hubs favs... Facial Fuel is a cleanser formulated with caffeine, vitamins and invigorating citrus extracts to refresh and wake skin while thoroughly removing dirt, surface oil and impurities without a drying effect. The energizing formula prepares skin for a less irritating, more comfortable shave and helps resist the effects of environmental stress and gives even dull, tired-looking skin a fresher, healthier appearance.

Not to get all weird, but these are the BEST underwear on the market for men-- according to my husband and a lot of his friends. Apparently, guys do talk about this stuff. Saxx have been described to me as "wearing a cloud" and with multiple trademark features, I guess this makes sense!

Every pair of SAXX underwear houses our patented BallParkTM Pouch construction. Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin-against-skin friction, and no exposed stitching for no-chafe comfort.
Taking a 360-degree view of the body, we consider fit, feel and function, and use nine panels of fabric to create 3D shaping around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings, including the built-in mesh panels of our patented BallParkTM Pouch.
The devil is in the details. Our entire SAXX collection features Flat Out SeamsTM for smooth, against-the-skin contact. And while most underwear companies place the raised-thread seam against the body, we reversed conventional thinking and placed the flatter, softer side of the seam inward, for no-chafe comfort.
Through precision blending of spandex with polyester, Modal, viscose, nylon, merino wool or cotton, each garment is designed to perfectly suit your needs. We strive to innovate and redefine the functionality of your most important base layer.
I've linked a holiday three-pack, but you can buy individual pairs as well. 

You can't go wrong with a classic pair of Ray Ban's! These are a great style for most face shapes.

Shop everything below {except Man Crates, click link above}:

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