The Phony Tail 5 Ways


Looking to give your hair a boost? Say HELLO to the Pony Tail Extension! If you want to give your 'do that extra wow factor, give the Phony Tail a try. I've created five looks, aside from the regular pony tail in which the piece was designed for, to showcase how versatile this extension is. All of them took me about 5-10 minutes to complete.

What you need:

  1. Pony tail holders
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Minimal skill (ability to braid)

I purchased the extension on Amazon. It only costs around $20 and I've owned it for about four years. It's still in excellent condition! I never use hair spray on it and i've never heat styled it. After each use I brush out the tangles and store it in the original box. The extension is 18" long and the color is 'Buttered Toast' or R1416T. I find it blends very nicely with my hair considering it's synthetic. It looks just as fabulous in a regular Pony. You can find a tutorial for that over at The Beauty Department.

For this look, I wanted length and wore the pony tail draped over the front of my shoulder. 
  1. Section the hair about half way down your head
  2. Wrap the hair in a pony
  3. Wrap a piece of hair around the pony
  4. Secure with bobby pin
  5. Repeat again
  6. Repeat a third time
  7. Then wrap the phony tail around bottom section
  8. Secure all with bobby pins

This is just a little something extra for a top knot or messy bun. It also adds volume.
  1. Put all hair in a high pony tail
  2. Braid the phony tail
  3. Add the phony tail braid to the top of pony tail
  4. Twirl all the hair in a messy bun with the braid draped across front

The more hair you hair, the thicker your braid will be. This look is a nice whimsy beefed up braid.
  1. Section half 1/3 of your hair in a pony tail holder
  2. Add your phony tail and wrap it
  3. French braid the phony tail in with the remaining hair

This is a fishtail braid. You could do this in a high pony or low side one as shown.
  1. Pull all hair into a low side pony tail
  2. Add Phony Tail
  3. To create braid:
    1. Split hair into two sections
    2. Pull small section from back of one side and bring it around the front while adding it to opposite section
    3. Repeat until you get to the bottom

This is a french braid that meets the pony tail. I used half of my hair for the braid, so adding the Phony Tail gives it nice, full volume that I wouldn't have otherwise.
  1. Take bottom half of hair and secure with pony tail
  2. Add Phony Tail to that section
  3. Inside out french braid hair on a bias until it meets Phony Tail
  4. Wrap braid around the Phony Tail
  5. Secure end with bobby pins
  6. Add a fun headband :)
Thanks for visiting!
xoxo Amanda

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  1. Love this! The phony tail always looks so fake, but you make it look amazing!! Great job! I must try!

  2. Love this! The phony tail always looks so fake, but you make it look amazing!! Great job! I must try!