Top 5 Tuesday: Hair Products


For today's top 5, I'm talking about hair products. I have very long, thick hair that tends to be on the dryer side. These are my essentials. Try them out for 2016 and let me know what you think!!

1. Sea Salt Spray by Not Your Mother's: This is great for beach waves, on the go. I spray it in wet or dry and it keeps my hair wavy with the feeling that you just had an day by the beach. It's inexpensive, which is always a plus!

2. L'ANZA Healing Style Hair Spray: When I use hair spray, this is my go to. It's not heavy or sticky. It has great hold and works well with heat styled hair.

3. The Wet Brush: This is literally the ONLY brush I use. I keep one in the shower and one at my vanity. It's great for de-tangling, using with a blow dryer or simply to brush wet or dry. I keep one in the shower to comb my conditioner through my hair before rinsing.

4. 12 Benefits Spray: It's claim to fame is that it repairs and prevents damage. I love it as a de-tangler after I shower. It leaves my hair silky and smooth. Check out the amazon reviews--they are great!

5. Eufora Style Illuminate Shine Mist: Saving the best for last, I can't say enough good things about this. It's great for dry hair, it smells amazing, it will not leave your hair greasy and it last a long time. I use it wet and dry. Sometimes I just spray it on before going out because it smells so nice and freshens up your 'do.

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