February 5, 2012

Master Closet Makeover

Our master closet was in need of serious organization (see before picture below). We hated our builder's grade wire rack that went around the whole closet at eye level. You couldn't add a rack below or above. Initially, we were going to hire California Closets or Closets by Design. They create beautiful closets, but costs thousands. I also looked at systems from Lowe's and Home Depot. Again, I would be spending at least $1500-$2000 for a closet of our size.

After scouring the internet for different options, I came across Ikea's Expedit shelving group. The units come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive. I like options. We desperately needed more shelving storage. With a little planning here is what we came up with. The hanging rods are Allen and Roth white curtain rods from Lowe's. The brackets and shelves that accompany the rods are also from Lowe's. 
We purchased two units that were $70 each and stacked two units that were $40 each on top. They are secured to the wall with included brackets. Our ceilings are 8ft. high.
I added another cube in the center of the closet for a place to fold clothes and extra storage...You can't have too much!
The cost of the below wall was $80. $30 for the grey piece of furniture and $50 for the white shelving. There are four shelves, two on each side stacked, from Lowe's. Everything else I already owned. To see how the furniture was painted visit this post: Focal Point Furniture.
Ikea offers a variety of doors, drawers, baskets, and bins that all fit perfectly into each cube. You can customize it as little or as much as you need.
For my shoes we purchased a Billy bookcase from Ikea for $50 with a $20 height extension unit. In order to maximize the space in your closet you must go up! Use all of your wall space from floor to ceiling and purchase a stool. The bookcase comes with optional doors.  

Progress Photos:
This is was my closet on a bad day. Unfortunately, it had a lot of bad days. Embarrassing, I know!
The paint color is Scandinavian Sky, Olympic brand (low odor, low VOC) from Lowe's. 
This wall is my husbands. The rest is all mine! :)
One last look at the before and after (click on image to enlarge):


  1. Love this! We have 2 of these bookcases in our kids rooms... never thought to put one in my closet. I've been trying to figure out how to make the closet an extension of the bathroom for at least a year and you have given me some great ideas finally. Thanks!

  2. Hi Erika,

    So glad you've found some inspiration! Thank you for the comment and for checking out the blog! Have a great day :)

  3. How did you anchor the clothing bars into the expedit? I'm looking to do something similar but I'm not sure how to make sure the expedit can hold the weight

    1. Just enlarge the picture in the center and you should see the bracket... I don't know the name of it..Hope that helps

    2. Just enlarge the picture in the center and you should see the bracket... I don't know the name of it..Hope that helps

  4. Can you tell me how you secured the clothing rods into the expedit?