Framed Gold Leaves


Continuing with my Scrapbook Supplies Turned Art post. I purchased some frames from Home Goods, loved them for my powder room, but didn’t want to put photos of people in them.

I didn’t think it quite fit for a bathroom. While in the scrap booking section at Michaels (side note: I’m not into scrap booking, but there is always great inspiration in that department!) I found some gold leaves for $3.99.
This project plays into the look of pressed flowers. Same concept, but a modern look. I purchased two sheets of thick deep red paper for .20 cents a piece. Then attached the leaves to the paper with a little spray adhesive. I sprayed it on a paper plate and dipped the leave in so it would still have a raised look rather than laying flat. The end result is perfect for fall and inexpensive enough to change out.

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