A Pottery Barn Inspired Pinboard 4 Less


I love the look of this pinboard from Pottery Barn. A lot of times I come across paint or fabric samples that I like to hold on to for future projects. In fact, I often dwell on colors and patterns before making up my mind. I think of this as more of a inspiration board.

To create this look for less I used a piece of cardboard from a left over box, covered it with batting and then covered it with linen fabric. I used spray adhesive to hold the layers together and simply duck taped the final layer of linen to the back of the cardboard. So easy. So inexpensive.

To give it some added detail I outlined the board with coordinating ribbon. You could also frame it out with some molding for a more sophisticated look. Either way this project is great for displaying photos, artwork, paint samples or notes.

The Pottery Barn version cost from $99-$149. You can create this look for under $10.

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