DIY Barstool Makeover


We recently moved into a new home complete with a kitchen island. While saving for the barstools I really want… I rescued some from my mom’s garage that looked like this:

Here is a simple makeover easy enough for anybody. Give the stools a light sanding, paint with spray paint (don’t worry about seat, we will cover it), spray with protective sealant and let dry completely. I chose an Espresso Brown spray paint from The Home Depot. Next lay the chair upside down. You will need fabric, batting and foam, which you can find at your local craft store, and layer it in that order. I actually used a leftover curtain from my old house as the fabric.

To secure everything you will need an upholstery gun (staple gun) which you can purchase at your local craft store as well. This is a good tool to have for DIY projects. I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics

Trace the seat on the foam and trim so you have a nice circle. The batting can overlap a little around the seat. Next trim the fabric, but leave enough to pull taunt while you staple. Finally, begin stapling by pulling the fabric taunt, but not so hard that it pulls. I do one side, then the opposite, leaving two halves to finish stapling. When you are done stapling, trim any leftover fabric so you can't see below the seat. And you're done!


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