September 16, 2016

Fall Family Photos 2016: How to Coordinate Outfits

It's that time of year when everybody is busying booking family photo shoots. We had ours done early this year on a mild 99 degree day in September. :/ Sorry hun, for making you wear a sweater! I had my heart set on a fall look-- so we went for it!

If you're in search of a photographer in the Philly suburbs, I highly recommend Tara of Silver Orchid Photography. We've used her for the past five years and she is GREAT, especially with the kiddos! Having four of her own, I'd say she is basically an expert in child photography. 

I love how each of their personalities shine in the photos. Cooper always takes a little time to come out of his shell. He was cracking me up with some of his facial expressions. 

When planning outfits I typically abide by a few general guidelines:

  • Start with the kids and pick a base color, accent with complimentary and/or neutrals (consider denim a neutral)
    • I start with the kids because they are my main focus and what I print for the house.
    • This year I chose cranberry because berry tones are trending this fall
    • My pink dress was pale enough to compliment and I love how feminine it is. Plus I like texture in a photo (the lace).
    • Think coordinate, not matchy-matchy
  • Avoid bold patterns/prints for adults. Kids can pull them off, but alternate.
    • If I put Chloe in a print, I would have kept the boys solid.
    • You want outfits to compliment the people wearing them, not distract
  • Consider your surroundings
    • Are you outdoors? In the country? By an old barn? Keep it casual. Maybe have your hubs keep his beard :) Like I did.
    • In a studio? Somewhere glamorous? You can go fancy, more polished.
Remember, black is hard to photograph and same can be said with white. The clothing detail can get lost. 

Shoes-- Freshly Picked Moccs and Carter's


Here are the throwbacks from the past few years! So fun to look back at these moments and see how much our family has grown!  





Shop DAD Look:

Shop MOM Look:
This Ibiza Lace Dress comes in a burnt orange that would look amazing for fall. It appears the pink is sold out online, but check your local free people!

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  1. Beautiful family! We are taking family photos this Friday and I also choose berry as my inspiration. Awesome tips, I'll use them as I finalize our outfits.